Fall 2010 UBC

News from This Week

Attendance is low this week and many exams haven’t been picked up.  If you’re missing class, please view the page “Where we are” on this blog to see what you have to catch up on to be up to date with this class.  We are well into Chapter 17 now.  There was a handout/worksheet on Monday which is up on the webpage for download. (Click on “Online Demos” and then look for “Resources by Lecture” and look under October 13.  Try to complete this worksheet yourself, using the textbook as a guide, and then compare to answers which will be posted later).

In response to student requests (and an overwhelming vote) I am allowing students who do 15% better on the second midterm to count that midterm grade for their first midterm as well.

Also, we now have a “party funds tally” page on this blog, where I’ll keep a running tally of our party funds.  You can leave comments on that page about what we should do for the party.



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