Fall 2010 UBC

Hi all,

I’d like to add a problem to the homework assignment, but seeing as it is Sunday, I don’t feel it’s fair to add it now.  So I’m going to add it as a bonus problem.  It isn’t a bonus because it’s hard; it’s just a bonus because I only thought to add it now.

For a 2-point bonus problem:

Pertaining to question #43 & #44, explain how and why you can do the problem without using any parametrisation of the helix.  Feel free to do it first using a parametrisation, but then examine your solution and then re-do it without any parametrisation.  A well-explained reasoning for why it can be done this “short-cut” way will receive full marks.  You can label this a separate problem, or you can just work it into your #43/44 solutions.



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