Fall 2010 UBC

An example computing flux

I’ve made a pencast of a flux example that might help you review some concepts from the last week of class. A pencast is a sort of animated lecture note.  You can watch it as a video, and see me write and hear me speak as I go through the example, or you can click anywhere on the notes to hear what I say as I write that penstroke.  It’s about 9 minutes long.  You’ll get the best experience if you click “fullscreen” so you can see everything in good detail.

Your feedback and comments would be helpful.  (I can see that a few of the penstrokes got recorded incorrectly by the pen, but I hope they don’t interfere with understanding.  Your feedback is appreciated!)

Here’s a direct link, in case the embedded video isn’t working for you (for me, I couldn’t click “fullscreen” on the embedded version):  M317F2010UBC – An example computing flux
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Vodpod videos no longer available.


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